Questions That Matter: What Does Short Term Health Insurance Cover?

Health insurance for short term periods is also known as “Term Insurance”. What is short term health insurance? A term insurance policy refers to insurance coverage with a limited time period, usually from a few months to a year. These plans are usually much less costly than major longer-term plans, however, term policies do not cover pre-existing conditions. Premiums on short term health care insurance are a fraction of the cost in comparison to major policy premiums. However, for people who have a longer-term illness, also known as a pre-existing condition, insurance providers may deny them coverage. However, for the majority of people without pre-existing conditions, a short term policy may be a smart solution.

What does short term health insurance cover?  Short term policies essentially cover expenses brought on by hospital care, doctor visits, x-ray services, and treatments in case of an accident or illness. While some plans do not provide drug coverage, some newer term policies do offer prescription coverage for generic drugs not tied to pre-existing conditions. A term policy is a smart option to consider for those who can benefit from it; however, it is not intended for all insurance seekers. Short term health insurance is used for bridging the gap between longer-term policies with a temporary one. Term insurance coverage is intended to be a less costly option for those who do not have pre-existing conditions or require complex medical attention.

Deadline for short term coverage? You can apply for term coverage at any time of the year. This is great for those who have missed the Open Enrollment deadline, as in the case of Obamacare. Coverage usually lasts from a couple of months up to a year. Additionally, with the option to renew short term health coverage, there is no need to worry once your initial policy expires. The majority of states allow you to renew coverage for up to 36 months (check with your state’s laws).

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