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Short Term Health Insurance Plans

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Finding Short Term, Low Cost Insurance Plans

cheap short term health insurance plans

There are several carriers out there that provide cheap short term health insurance plans. It is our goal to help you find cheap short term health insurance, but more importantly medical insurance that meets your needs. Inexpensive short term health insurance is offered by several carriers.

Different carriers of short-term plans offer different coverage options, limitations, and pricing.

At, we do our best to match you with the right carrier to

provide you with the cheapest short term health insurance for your situation

while getting you the fast coverage you need.


By answering a few short questions in the form above, we make your search for cheap medical insurance easy. The process is simple: Our affiliate carriers receive your information, match it with suitable short term medical plans, then reach out to you to discuss your options. We’ll help to make sure you receive cheap health insurance quotes with

the most affordable health plans in as little time as possible.

Lastly, carrier agents can help you customize your policy even further; ask your agent about coverage, duration periods, and payment options.

I Found the Coverage that I Need! What now?

Short Term, Low Cost Insurance Plans

So, you’ve received information about low-cost health insurance plans from a few carriers and you feel you found a cheap short term health insurance plan with the coverage that suits your needs…Great! Before you commit to purchasing temporary medical insurance, here are a few points to ensure you’re making the best decision.


1- Take your time in going through the official documentation of your policy. Make sure you understand everything clearly in comparison to other short term health insurance plans.


2- If you have any questions that you feel need to be addressed, don’t shy away from asking. Anything you feel is important, carriers will be there to help you.


3- Take the extra steps required in being a smart consumer. Go back and compare your policy against the short term health insurance quotes and coverage of other policies.


4- Make sure you understand all the details, benefits, pros/cons, and limitations of your temporary health insurance before you make the commitment.


5- Finally, before you buy short term health insurance, it may be a good idea to ask about their cancellation policy in case you no longer need short term coverage sooner than expected.

Short Term, Low Cost Insurance Plans

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